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The STREET OF GOLD FOUNDATION (SOG) takes all measures to ensure that travelers setting foot in the country are provided with all required assistance. Mr. Royal Panford, The Founder /CEO of the SOG tells MICE – Ghana about how the tourism board is working towards increasing MICE movement to Ghana.

According to Mr. Panford, the foundation is betting big on personalized services that will aid the country receive repeat travellers.

When it comes to attracting travellers, the Street of Gold Foundation is betting big on personalized services that will help the country receive repeat travelers. Apart from the warmth of the people in Ghana, Mr. Royal Panford feels that it is important to give travellers what they desire and that too at a reasonable price, so that they visit the country again.

“Right from when a person or group sets foot in the country, the MICE West Africa starts assisting them with their queries. We have our staff at the airport to assist travellers all round the clock. And if need be, we also arrange for a musical AKWAABA at all night. This begins the traveller’s journey within Ghana in a very warm manner” he says.

As far as making lodging, boarding and transportation bookings in Ghana is concerned, the MICE West Africa assists travellers by getting them in contact with suppliers from Ghana. Mr. Royal Panford informs, “When travelers approach us, we provide them with assistance and get them in contact with the concerned suppliers such as the Tour Operators Union of Ghana (TOUGHA), Tour Guides Association of Ghana (TORGAG) AND GHATOF who make all arrangements for the travellers, whether group, FIT, honeymooners or family travellers.”

The Street of Gold Foundation ensures that the travellers and agents from Europe making corporate bookings, are provided complete assistance from the local Ghanaian suppliers. “As far as making group or corporate bookings are concerned, we ensure that the group or the company making the bookings contacts a supplier of repute. Also, we are holding road shows in various countries including Europe, so that the suppliers get in direct contact with European agents and learn everything about products and dos and don’ts. This way the person making the bookings can be assured that the product booked is good.”

The Ghana Tourism Authority is working closely with those handling MICE West Africa movement in Ghana to increase group arrivals into Ghana. “Unlike some destinations, the MICE- West Africa Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions is ready to work for Ghana and the rest of the world. However, we also assist  people for organizing  events. For example, we will get the group travelling to Ghana in contact with the authorities to host an event at, say Accra Conference Centre. This is something very unique, plus all arrangements will be made at affordable rates,” said the Founder.

Lastly he said that Ghana is one of the few destinations in Africa that can be the best buy for European, American ,Asian travelers, as it provides value for money that Indian travellers look forward to and added that there is ample for children, the young and the old to do when in Ghana.

By: Faustina Junior Sika – Street of Gold Foundation

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