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Corporate Goals

The mission of MICE is to contribute to Ghana’s economic, intellectual and cultural wealth by business events on a commercial basis. It is a special program to highlight the new products, innovative technologies, companies and organisations at the global level.

MICE’s West Africa Accra Ghana Forum & Expo operations and every day decision making is guided by five essential corporate goals, which are:

  1. Maximize economic benefit to the State.
  2. Remain viable, sharing best practices and experiences from
    businesses, achievements, learning and innovative approach in the entrepreneurship that revolutionize the global economy.
  3. Increase National and International market share
  4. Provide an innovative and diverse range of services that clients want to use Global branding and Networking opportunities. Media Interactions, exploring partners for sustainable projects and funding and global expansion global partnership.
  5. Be a leader in terms of corporate social responsibility and opening business up to the idea of sponsoring the MICE.

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