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Why Attend as a Hosted Buyer?

Attend MICE WEST 2017 as a Hosted Buyer

There is a special hosted buyer program announced for Business, Travel and Medical Tourism Agencies (MTA) which will provide a pre-set number of discounts for registrations, complimentary registrations, local hospitality and travel allowance to selected companies, government employees, insurance agents and other qualified buyers as the benefits for Medical tourism facilitators.

We invite you to apply to attend MICE WEST 2017, Accra (Ghana) as a hosted buyer. As your intermediary, MICE WEST 2017 doesn’t command your schedule. Other than the required one to one appointments, you own your own schedule.

We don’t require that you to attend group site visits or any tours and no mandatory meal functions to attend as well. You are simply invited to attend all of our networking events and make the best use of your time at MICE WEST2017, Accra (Ghana).

MICE WEST 2017 can offer the following to Hosted Buyers

  • Roundtrip Airfare – Reimbursement for airfare/ Fixed amount reimbursement.
  • Hosted Buyer Lounge – Complimentary refreshments/ meals, dedicated badge facilities and staff to assist you daily.
  • Accommodation at Accra for 1 to 4 nights.
  • Other- Airport transfers, free Wi-Fi and a dedicated MICE WEST 2017 onsite support team.

·         To Qualify as a Hosted Buyer

  • To qualify for the MICE WEST 2017 Hosted Buyer Program, you must be active in the field of Medical Tourism (preferably Ghana), be responsible for planning, organizing and recommending institutes/ places/ patients for travel for medical reasons.
  • MICE WEST 2017 requires full details of no. patients you have managed or managing the travel for. Buyers from Ghana should list details of travel within the country.
  • Kindly note that MICE WEST 2017 may ask for more details to verify the details mentioned by you in your application.

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